The third year of acting at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Odense has in their dramatic immersion course for 5 weeks examined the space between actor and role as well as the space between the actors, the text and the audience.
A variation on texts by Maurice Maetterlink’s play Pelleas and Melisande .
Visual collaboration in August and September with actor and director Marion Reuter. The performance’s text fragments are a deconstruction of Maetterlink’s original text, sampled with the students’ own texts, exploring the chaotic world we live in now.
The staging is a living negotiation space where text and movement, sound and silence, being oneself.

I am currently very busy working at The Danish National School of Performing Arts as Dean of the Scenography Department. A lot of program planning for next semester, and of course, current workshops/consultations with students. Occasionally I manage to get into my painting studio, currently working on small formats – the need to paint gives me energy for my schoolwork. Otherwise, it would not be possible to work at school. In November I will be returning to my paintings 24 hours a day and to my project with Rolf Alme. It is a pleasure to think about it.