Study of model

The story - Asta Bay:
Out of multiple layers of different materials and colour arises a figure; a spatial figure both framed and outlined by the fragile line that surrounds it. The line, which at first sight seems motionless and quiet, reveals at second glance a small movement within it; the drawn line moves quivering between its shades of black and blue and across the different material expressions in the background of the picture.

Every layer, every material, every colour show us an emotional expression; combined they present us with an atmosphere. Both strong in its posture and vulnerable in its facial expression, the drawn figure reflects its colourful background of both dark and light colours, which leaves the viewer with an emotion of fleeting happiness.  

Pastel,akryl and graffiti chalk on paper

42x80 cm 

Sold unframed

Collections: DRAW ON YOUR SKIN

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