January - June

I am currently very busy working at The Danish National School of Performing Arts as Dean of the Scenography Department. A lot of program planning for next semester, and of course, current workshops/consultations with students. Occasionally I manage to get into my painting studio, currently working on small formats - the need to paint gives me energy for my schoolwork. Otherwise, it would not be possible to work at school. In August I will be returning to my paintings 24 hours a day and to my project with Rolf Alme. It is a pleasure to think about it.

August -September

A variation on texts by Roland Schimmelpfennig's The Arabian Night.
Visual collaboration with actor and director Marion Reuter.

The third year of acting at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Odense has in their dramatic immersion course for 5 weeks examined the space between actor and role as well as the space between the actors, the text and the audience. 

Wedding invitations have been sent to art curators, galleries and art magazines all over the world. 12 invitations, 12 stories, 12 weeks. They are the starting point for W&A’s DARKNESS project.  The invitations are part of Artistic Research supported by the Ministry of Culture and The Danish National School of Performing Arts. 
March 17-26 - The Darkness, Artistic Research in France with prof. Rolf Alme. 
Canceled Event due to coronavirus!

March 13-15 
I want to participate in International Conference in Utrecht - The European Forum for Advanced Practices (EFAP) Canceled Event due to coronavirus!


November 22-29 Artistic Research based on Romeo & Juliet  in Nordland Theater - Mo I Rana/Norge. Art laboratory together with prof. Rolf Alme. 

Oktober 10-13
I participate in International Conference in Madrid - The European Forum for Advanced Practices (EFAP)  

September 25-28 - Antigone at Kristiania University College in Oslo with prof. Rolf Alme. 

July 03- 05 La Biennale de Venezia. Working meeting with prof Rolf Alme

March 21-23 - 10th SAR 
I participate in International Conference on Artistic Research - Zurich University of the Arts

March 19-22 -  ROMEO & JULIET

Artistic Research in France with prof. Rolf Alme. Project based on Romeo & Juliet by W. Shakespeare. Art studio is almost on top of a Ventoux mountain, Provance! We investigate, experiment, draw and document our process. The project will remain in work until March 2020 and is supported by the Ministry of Culture and The Danish National School of Performing Arts.


DRAWINGS - SALE - Oct. Nov. Dec. 2018!!! 
Come  past my studio - from October 22 to December 23 I sell my drawings. Prices are from 800 DDK. Hope to see you! Call me and make an appointment. 

SALON EGO - The 3rd of Sep. 2018  at 7 PM.  Theater FÅR302
We begin the salon with the creation of portraits in a croquissession guided by visual artist Barbara Wilson, Subsequently, Philosopher Jon Auring Grimm will present Nitches thoughts about the ART. 


"OBJECS OF DESIRE" - Silence Space, Beautiful exhibition at Frederiksberg Library in Copenhagen. Paintings like Art objects!
Exhibition, Falkoner Pl. 3,    08.08 -01.09.2018.  Come by!  

"DRAW THE LINE" -  Vernissage 19th of April 2018, Artcompaz - Exhibition H.C.Ørsteds Vej 22

THE FIRST MEETING - Vernissage - 6th of April 2018 
6th - 20th of April 2018 I participate in the exhibition 'The first meeting'   Saxogade 92, Copenhagen/Denmark  



OBJECTS OF DESIRE - Vernissage 6th of Februar 2017, Gallery Gotycka, Ducal Palace, Szczecin Poland

Visual artist Barbara Wilson and conceptual artist Rolf Alme present the young man as an object of desire in an exhibition project consisting of paintings,video-paintings, video and installation work.  



Film by Barbara Wilson & Rolf Alme – 2016 – 9.36 min

Extraordinary modern paintings by Warhol, Hockney, Lichtenstein, Bacon etc piled up in a messy old house of an art collector. We see how precious and expensive art works are transformed into daily life objects and how daily life objects are transformed into art.

The film is featured at the SENSOPROJECT website









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