The Artist Barbara Wilson

Barbara is clearly influenced by her European cultural heritage, both its literary and art history, as reflected in her work ethic, uncompromising discipline and existential seriousness.

Those who have experienced Eastern Europe from the inside have been met by resistance and felt the indignation and the rebellion evoked within their own bodies. Her works consist of both images and spatial installations—the two media often enrich one another and contextually interweave one another within the exhibit space. When Barbara Wilson exhibits, you never quite know what is about to happen. Perhaps everyone else is a paid model and you are the only one on display like a sole spectator in a giant stage production. The exhibition is not just about the picture—the entire space itself is involved—the format and fixed frameworks are being challenged.
The same applies to her works. You look at her paintings of people and see mysteriousness and fascination. She never defines a person, but rather opens a space around them, allowing room for mystery and reflection.
Barbara Wilson considers the running of an artistic production a universal concern, rather than a national matter; and she refuses to define herself by nationality. This aversion to being defined and placed in a box applies to both the private person as well as the artist Barbara Wilson. She strives for the universal, but the universal must be concrete in order not to become too solemn and pretentious.
Barbara Wilson is a dynamic, hard-working and highly experienced artist at a time when artistic experience is often ignored in favour of the new and the young. Barbara Wilson has the playful, inquiring approach and openness that is the mark of a young artist, but with a wealth of experience.



Master of Visual Arts and Art history


1982-88 Poznan Academy of Fine Arts, Poland – Painting class under
prof. Jacek Waltos and prof. Norbert Skupniewicz
Installation class under prof. Magdalena Abakanowicz
1985-86 Amsterdam Academy of Fine Arts, The Netherlands
1988        Master of Visual Arts

The DarknessCurrent exhibition project to be finished September 2020 sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Culture. 

2014-2017 Objects of Desireartistic research and political statement about sexuality and gender.
1996- 2016 Space and light – Movement and unstable space Visual aspects of text, Physical composition,
Creating space with sound – experimental visual laboratories and research projects at The Danish National School of Performing Arts – Copenhagen
2014 – Thinking on action -
International laboratory, Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico – Madrid
2013 – Visual art and text – International laboratory, The Danish National School of Performing Arts – Copenhagen
2011-2012  Night Sex and Pleasure – experimental animation film project, The National Film School of Denmark – Copenhagen
2006 – Space, body and voice – International laboratory, Queen Margaret University College – Edinburgh
2006 – Visual transformation of text – International laboratory, The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama – Glasgow
2005 – Composition in space – experimental theatre research, The Norwegian Theater Academy
2000 – Drawing as a door to understanding visual art Laboratory at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

- Travers/Cobellstone/Face the Past - Glyptoteket Kbh. 
2017 – Gallery Gotycka – Museum - Ducal Castle Szczecin
2016 – 
Gallery fwd – Poznan – CENSORED
2015 – Installation space WØ60 – Holger danskes Vej 20 – Copenhagen

2014 – Installation space WØ8 – Yrsa Plads – Copenhagen
Installation space WØo – The Danish National School of Performning Arts
2013 – Installation space WØ6 – Nikolaj Plads 9
National Library of Denmark – The Black Diamond

Gallery Oxholm – Copenhagen
“Ozo” – Installation space – Nikolaj Plads – Copenhagen
2012 – Gallery “Andersenart” – Espergærde
 – Denmark
“Autum” – Sentimental Shit” – Installation space – Nikolaj Plads/Copenhagen
Art Fair Herning – Denmark
Galleri Oxholm – Copenhagen
2011 – J.C. Jacobsens portrait exhibition
The national History Museum – Frederiksborg Castle
Gallery Brantebjerg – Denmark
Hillerød Library – Denmark
Nakke Hage Gallery- Copenhagen
2010 – Redcorridor Fulda – Germany
Andersen Art – Espergærde
2009 – Gallery Pro Arte – Zielona Gora Poland
The National Theater School – Denmark
Gallery Brantebjerg – Denmark
Mult – Copenhagen
”Complete Silence”
2008 – Art Fair – Gallery Pi – Copenhagen
Mult – Copenhagen
2007 – Andersenart – Espergærde
Krause Gallery – Atlanta – USA
Galleri Pi- Copenhagen
Art Fair – Herning De nmark
2006 – Andersenart – Espergærde
Gallery Brantebjerg – Denmark
2005 – Krause Gallery – Atlanta – USA
Art Fair Herning – Danmark
Galleri Pi – København
2004 – Contemporary Art Galleri – Lodz Polen
“Kinderland” installation Schwerin – Germany
Galleri Egelund – Copenhagen
Art Fair –  Copenhagen
Releases of Timebog in Poland and Denmark


2018-2021 Visual Practice Methodology for theater arts - Supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture and The Danish National School og Performing Arts. 
2016-2017 Collaboration with conceptual artist Rolf Alme
Visual Practice Methodology for theater arts. – Supported by The Danish National School og Performing Arts. Project is an analytical examination of the visual oriented practice that method of creating theatrical art. 
2014  – 2017   Objects of Desire 
Collaboration with conceptual artist Rolf Alme

2012 – 2015   Collaboration with fashion designer Charlotte Østergaard.
A collaboration that has been a dialogue between art and design with a focus item on the meeting between body, space and composition
2011 – Collaboration project with Danish writer Suzanne Brøgger ” Portrait”
2004 – Art book in collaboration with Danish writer Suzanne Brøgger
2000 – Cross Art, An international collaborative project between authors, sculptors, photographers directors and visual artists . Krakow – Poland
1999 – The Flexible Painting, – Experimental theatre project in collaboration with Danish director Nikoline Werdelin.
1999 – The Citroën Car Factory, Large-scale installation work in collaboration with the opera company  Opera Nord in connection with the experimental opera work Gilles’ Requiem.

2013 – ”Shell” – One Night performance – National Art Gallery  Gl. Strand Copenhagen
2013 – ”Improvisation” – The Danish National School of Performing Arts
2012 –”Into the Void” – Collaboration with scenographer & director prof. Rolf Alme




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