Bruno is a Polish light athletics champion, educated sports instructor from Warsaw University and working with Personal fitness programmes

Sometimes you think: what is it? What is it really?

I mean, life, the feeling of being alive. Do you have to do something special to feel alive? Do you have to acquire a special knowledge? Is it in your mind that you feel alive or is it in your body? Is thinking about the life something different from practising it, doing it, living it?

The artificial division of body and mind is the course of this common frustration. The mind is nothing more or less than an integral part of our body, controlling movements and interpreting bodily awareness. There is not the mind on the on hand and its experiences on the other: there is just a process of experiencing in which there is nothing to be grasped. Life is nothing more and nothing less then what you do.

There is no other life than the life you live, thoughts included. You do not have to feel that you are alive; you simply have to accept that you live, that you act. If you do not live, you are dead and not able to reflect about it because the cells in your brain have stopped working.

This non-duality of the mind and body is a state of profound peace.

Sunday 5. February 2012 | BLOG, YOUTUBE