We participate in the ESFN festival from May to August 2022!

The European Shakespeare Festival – ESFN 
The successful project this year is from W&A (Norway, Denmark), and is titled, ROMEO AND JULIET and other catastrophic love affairs:
Concept – Barbara Wilson & Rolf Alme
Text and direction – Rolf Alme.  

Announcing the result of the process, ESFN Chair Philip Parr said, ‘After a very close decision we have an exciting winner, who fulfils all the aspirations we had for this project – it is new and innovative cross artform work, combining theatre and visual art, which explores Shakespeare in our time and emphasises his enduring relevance. ESFN looking forward to the first performances of Rolf Alme’s and Barbara Wilson’s work from May to August

In 2022, four festivals will host Romeo and Juliet and other catastrophic love affairs, Craiova (Romania), Itaka (Serbia), Gdansk (Poland), Hamletscenen (Denmark).